HEFT Nursing & Midwifery Badge

The HEFT Nursing and Midwifery Badge recognises excellence in nursing standards. 

This guidance provides an open and transparent process for awarding the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust’s (HEFT’s) Nursing and Midwifery Badge whilst ensuring fairness.


Individual practitioners working in nursing and midwifery (both registered and non-registered) will be able to apply for the badge themselves. 

An application form (Appendix 1) will need to be completed by the individual, signed off by their line manager and must be received Judith Room/Carol Willis in the Faculty of Education.

In order to be able to apply for HEFT’s Nursing and Midwifery Badge, the following criteria will need to be fully met by the individual:

• Achievement of 100% in the relevant VITAL Fundamental Care Standards (e.g. Adult Nurses, Adult  HCAs, Midwifery, Paediatrics, Neonates, Community)
• 100% up to date in mandatory training
• No performance or capability concerns

Individuals will be required to demonstrate to their Senior Sister/Charge Nurse or departmental manager that they have successfully completed the relevant VITAL programme and are up to date with all elements of their mandatory training.  These can be demonstrated by printing off and bringing in their certificates.  On confirmation of this, the ward or departmental manager will need to provide assurance that there are no performance or capability concerns ahead of signing off the individual’s Nursing and Midwifery Badge application.  Once the application has been signed off, the individual can submit the application form.

Failure to meet all of the above criteria, submit the completed application and/ or receipt of the application within the Faculty of Education by the set deadline dates will mean that the individual’s application will not be considered for the scheduled awarding time period.  Successful applications which have not been received on time will be held until the next scheduled award period.

In instances where the individual does not meet all of the criteria, the Senior Sister/Charge Nurse or departmental manager will be expected to give feedback explaining reasons and detailing support requirements to enable future submission in line with next schedule award time period.  The reasons and agreed support requirements must be documented. 

The last two topics for VITAL Adult Nurses have now been launched (Pain Management and Tissue Viability).

Once they have successfully completed the programme (100% in each topic quiz), you will be able to apply for their HEFT Nursing and Midwifery Badge.

Healthcare Assistants are also able to apply for their HEFT Nursing and Midwifery Badge if they too have completed their VITAL for HCAs programme.

In both cases, staff also need to be 100% up-to-date with their mandatory training and have no performance issues.

Staff will be invited to the next HEFT Hospital Badge Ceremony



** To apply for your HEFT Nursing & Midwifery badge, please fill out the application form below in the attachment **

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