Instillation of Eye drops for non-registered practitioners within Ophthalmology for HCSW’s in Ophthalmology only

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This module is for Health Care Support Workers working within Ophthalmology. It follows a blended learning approach using three methods for learning to take place. For this module the blended approach is: an E-learning component with quiz; a face to face study day; and clinical competencies. All components need to be successfully completed to achieve a pass and be able to undertake eye drop instillation.

Module content covers: Anterior segment of the Eye-Anatomy and Physiology, Accountability and Responsibility, Consent for Treatment, Record Keeping, Safe Practice of Instillation of Eye Drops, Eye Drops and their Effects. The module is supported by resources that are current and best practice.

This module forms part of an Ophthalmology service improvement to increase through put times for patients in the Out Patients Clinic. It also forms the opportunity for ophthalmology support workers to develop new skills. The module is led by Thersha Maharaj.

To enrol on this course, please contact the module leader Thersha as this is for Ophthalmology only.




Thersha Maharaj [email protected], ext. 42347


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