Medical Education Team

Meet the Foundation Team


Director of Medical Education (DME)

Dr Phil Bright

Dr Bright is a Consultant Physician in GIM and Respiratory Medicine. He was a Clinical Tutor from 2002 and Associate Postgraduate Dean/Head of Birmingham Foundation School from 2004 until 2014. From 2006 Phil became the Director of Core Medical Training in the West Midlands, a role he left in 2014 to become the Head of the School of Medicine for HEE in the West Midlands. Finally, to complete Dr Bright's extensive list of responsibilities, he is the Chair of the Core Medical Training Advisory Committee for the JRCPTB. Dr Bright is passionate about developing junior doctors throughout their medical career to generate quality patient care and is leading projects to introduce Internal Medicine across Midlands and East England, developing training for physicians in Critical Thinking/Decision Making, physician training in tele-medicine and consultation skills and issues around respectful challenge by junior trainees to their seniors.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 43716


Clinical Tutors

Dr Ola Erinfolami

Ola Erinfolami is a Clinical Tutor who's main focus is on Trainee's at Heartlands and Solihull. He was the Foundation Programme Director for Heartlands and Solihull for almost 3 years before being appointed as Clinical Tutor in 2012. He is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine working across all 3 sites. Additional roles include named Clinical and Educational Supervisor and Examiner for the Fellowship Exams of The Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

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Phone: 43716/43257


Dr Dufty Ngozi

Email [email protected]


Foundation Programme Directors (FPD)

Dr Amit Chaudhuri

Email     [email protected]

Dr Naqui El-Shimy

Email    [email protected]

Dr Deepak Parasuraman

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Royal College of Physicians Tutors

Dr Rajendra Yadava - Email [email protected]

Dr Jennifer Short -  Email - [email protected] 

Dr Richard Baretto - Email - [email protected] 

Royal College of Surgeons Tutors

Mr Jayesh Doshi - [email protected] 

Mr Simon Fallis - [email protected] 

Mr Mark Dunbar - [email protected] 


Faculty Educators

Fiona Lawrence

Email. [email protected]



Postgraduate Administrative Staff

The Administrative Staff are responsible for supporting staff though their training and development whilst at the Trust - from Trainee to Consultant.

Not only do they monitor progression and encourage career growth, they provide a support network to junior doctors for any day to day issues.

Debbie Lewis - Post Graduate Manager

Email: [email protected]      Phone: 49809

Angela Hopkins - Postgraduate Administrator 

Email: [email protected]

Terrie Davies - Postgraduate Administrator 

email - [email protected]

Kim Vale - Postgraduate Administrator

email - [email protected]

Jayne Woodbine - Postgraduate Administrator

email - [email protected]

Ros Birkinshaw - Postgraduate Administrator

email - [email protected]